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Case Stories

By turning a difficult situation to their advantage, the high-tech Van der Hoeven greenhouses of SARA Farms thrive with combined production of green energy and healthy vegetables. 

Producing nutritious vegetables in Japan meant that SARA Farms had to deal with high electricity prices and poor availability of liquid CO₂. These were market circumstances that made it challenging to transition to sustainable production. 

Growing fish and vegetables, Green Camel’s organic thriving approach to circular production

Green Camel is determined in their embrace of the organic approach, committing to exclusively using organic methods to fertilize their crops and be stringent with their land management obligations. 

Collaboration with a waste-to-energy plant provides the high-tech greenhouses at Tom D’Aqui, France with the heat to create optimal growing conditions for their nutritious crops throughout the year. 

At Tom d’Aqui, France, tomatoes are produced in a healthy and sustainable way using sustainable energy sources and without the use of pesticides. Upon expansion of their successful greenhouse facility, a new energy source was needed for their growing heat demand. 

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