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About Van der Hoeven

The world is increasingly recognizing the imperative to preserve our planet. As the global population continues to grow steadily, the heightened frequency and severity of extreme weather events are now more apparent than ever.

At Van der Hoeven, we are dedicated to accelerating positive change and contributing to global efforts to secure a sustainable future for all, particularly in the realms of food, water, and energy. With this mission in mind, we proudly introduce Circular City Greenhouses.

Future-Proof Greenhouses: Cultivating Sustainable Agriculture

Explore the innovation behind our future-proof greenhouses, where we cultivate nutritious crops while reusing waste streams in populated regions. Our commitment is unwavering—to grow healthy food in the most sustainable and circular manner.

Headquartered in Den Hoorn (the Netherlands) and supported by a team of approximately 150 professionals, Van der Hoeven has been a leader in designing, engineering, project management, construction, advisory, and operations of complex greenhouse projects worldwide for seven decades.

Specializing in soilless cultivation, we adapt to the world's most challenging climates and water-scarce environments.

Our mission is clear: to provide a sustainable taste of high-quality fruits and vegetables to everyone, everywhere, at any time. We foster cross-sectoral collaboration within the water-energy-food nexus, streamlining efforts toward the reuse, and recycling of the world's most valuable resources—water, energy, and nutrients through our innovative 'Circular City Greenhouses' by Van der Hoeven.

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