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Circular City Greenhouses

Circular City Greenhouses by Van der Hoeven is sustainable fruit and vegetable production in high tech greenhouses using resources recovered from urban waste streams.  

Using a high-tech greenhouse means benefitting from high yields and year round crop production. In the strictly controlled indoor environment, water and air can be continuously recirculated, reducing resource consumptions to a minimum.  

The remaining demand for the four key resources needed in high-tech greenhouses; water, energy, nutrients and CO₂, is obtained from urban waste streams using proven technology. By seamlessly integrating into large-scale circular systems, our greenhouses  create industrial synergies and play a pivotal role in transforming regions from traditional linear models to circular economies 

Circular City Greenhouses is a concrete example of what can happen when the water, energy, food and waste sector come together to close the loop, benefiting cities, countries, industries, and above all, people. 

Turning Challenges into Opportunities